Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello there! I'm Cassandra and this my site. I made this website as a task for Writing ESCO, which is an ESL and Web Development course. If you would like to contact me, look for the contact form found on this website. Below is my personal CV, which includes examples of sites and web content I've created before.

Graduated with distinction from ECU
13 years of article marketing experience (specifically intended for Web based individuals)
7 years of web development experience.
Committed, self-motivated professional with a taste for particulars.

Work Experience.
Writing ESCO,2009 - Present
Office manager
Responsible for preparing a international crew of writers to suit a specialized range of growth objectives and goals.
- Set new records for output, growing production by 30% worldwide
- Properly operated ongoing logs of project distribution
- Supervised QA for international creation over a sizable crew of internet writers

Self-employed Wordpress Website Designer

Additional Skills
Proficient in Macedonian
Exceptional competence using a extensive choice of office software

Samples of my English writing work:

Apartment For Rent

They continue to spread around this great city which allows for all its major suburbs to have a skyline view from the comfort of their home. So what’s the difference between the two? It’s something you may ask yourself since they both seem to be located within the same areas of Canada. The difference between... Read more..

Apartments For Rent In Fort Lauderdale

On the other side of these locations are Pompano Beach, Wilton Manors, as well as Deerfield Beach. On the east side, people from... To read more click here...

Apartments For Rent In Winnipeg

Its tranquil ambiance and the peace that emanates from the city entice tourist to book another plane ticket for their next visit or better, seduce them to stay there permanently. Yes there have been instances when visitors choose to not just visit but to actually inhabit the place. And what better way to start a new... More on this site..

Apartments In Jamaica - Buy Or Rent Apartments In A Caribbean Country

It is considered to have a year round tropical climate. The largest city is the capital of Kingston, followed by Montego Bay and Spanish Town. There are number of different activities that the country offers these would include: river rafting on one of the five... More on this site..

Apartments For Rent

The internet is a fantastic resource in our everyday lives, and more and more people around the world are using it to help search for apartments to rent. In this guide we... To read more click here...

Edmonton Alberta Canada Apartments For Rent - Search Apartment Listings Online

Edmonton is a large and beautiful metropolitan city with both historic charm and modern appeal, making it a great place to call home and visit. There are many cultural opportunities to explore in Edmonton Alberta Canada, including the Francis Winspear Centre for Music. This structure boasts the largest concert organ in all of Canada. Other cultural sites include the Citadel Theater, the Northern Alberta Jubilee... More on this site..

Ottawa Apartments

With a population of over 800,000 people, Ottawa is one of the largest cities in Canada. Ottawa is home to some of the most interesting entertainment venues and... More on this page..

Apartments For Rent

In details below you will find some of the best in apartment living in these specific top rated places to live in Canada. The number one ranked best place to live in... Source..

Calgary Apartment Rent

One can also observe many different types of wildlife within the park, such as deer, coyotes, and owls. Within the city can be found Confederation Park, Prince Island Park, Bowness Park, and Nose Hill Park, one of the largest city parks in Canada. A walking/bike path connects many of the neighbourhoods within the city of Calgary and its outskirts. Because the city of Calgary is within 80km of the Rocky Mountains, as well as the venues that were built for... Source of information..

Apartments For Rent

Another thing to incorporate into this budget is all other expenses you will have on top of your monthly rent, such as your utility bills. Knowing these things in advance will allow... More on this site..

Caribbean Real Estate

Who wouldn’t love to own or rent Caribbean real estate? It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, and it is easy to see why. With pristine white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters... To read more click here...

Apartment For Rent

Millions of people in Canada and around the world choose to live in cities – so there must be good reason for it. In this guide... Continue reading..

Cottage Rental In Ontario

Cottages in Ontario are expertly designed to blend in well with the green surroundings. Staying in these cottages is the best way for several vacationers to escape from the city and feel rejuvenated. The proximity of natural woods and lakes is one appealing and great idea... Click here to continue..

Grand Bend Cottage Rentals

  What could be better than spending a quite and relaxing weekend with your loved ones or spending time alone by yourself... Read more..

Homes For Rent In Canada - Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta And More

 A simple renter’s resume will provide them all the initial things they want to know before they allow just anyone to rent out their home.  Your renter’s resume should include your current address, your previous... To read more click here...

Homes For Rent

The advent of high technology today can facilitate your quest for homes for rent. Indeed, there are some websites where you can view local rental prices. It must also be noted aside from rental costs, there are some other related expenses like utility bills, services charges and others. Location is one of the most important considerations regarding homes for rent. In considering location, there are many factors you should consider. For instance, if you love going to bars or... Find out more...

Markham Ontario Canada Rentals - Apartments, Condos, Homes

Recreation As home to a diverse and vibrant population Markham offers numerous recreational opportunities including golfing, skateboarding, bicycling and hiking. The town offers more than a dozen excellently-manicured golf and driving ranges including one that caters exclusively to ladies. There are also several pools, ice rinks, community centers and fitness centers located in Markham.For those with school-age children Markham has well regarded public... Click here to continue..

Moving Truck Rental

There are many things involved in moving house, and one of the hardest parts is getting all of your belongings from your current home to your new one. If you have a significant amount of furniture and appliances then the best option is to rent a moving truck rental to help you move. As you get closer to the moving date, it is vital to be completely organized and prepared for... Read more..

Toronto Rental

Visiting Toronto is associated with finding rental cars to drive and rental dwellings to temporarily live in. Toronto rental is a trend today amongst tourists who pay this city a visit. As for rental cars, several visitors should know how reasonable it is to rent a car and what are the things they should learn about driving around the city. Tourists should determine whether there is really a need to rent a car or none. The... To read more click here...

Rental Agencies In Canada - Get Help With Finding Apartments, Homes, Condos

Millions of people across Canada rent their homes. Not everyone is able or ready to commit to purchasing their own home – so there are many benefits to renting. In this guide we shall look at how you can use housing rental agencies to find your perfect rental home.    Benefits of Renting a Home Although owning your own home has its benefits, there are also great reasons... Read more..